The importance of having a tribe of powerful women in your life.

March 8 2016 is International Women’s Day and as with every year, I am really, really excited about it! As I’ve grown up, I have come to realise just how important it is to have a tribe of positive and powerful women in my life. As a teenager, society somehow conditioned me into believing that other girls around me were competition – for jobs, for beauty and for husbands! This of course is further perpetuated by the constant bombardment of advertisements exposing us to what “beauty” is supposed to look like, how we should act as women and how there always seems to be some sort of fight over a man in a movie (or maybe just the chick flicks I grew up watching – yes I have older sisters in my family).

But you soon realise that this false sense of competition and scarcity only develops into a deep sense of insecurity. You spend what should be the most beautiful years of your life – those years when you should be growing, developing, experiencing and living curiously – living in a constant comparative state: “How do I compare to this person who seems to obviously have their life together?”. And yes, this constant social comparison is a detriment to everything in your life, including your health and happiness.

Once you appreciate that we are all on this journey fighting through our own battles, you learn that what we previously believed as separating us actually brings us closer together. We are all fearful of something and we all love something. Let us spend each day reminding ourselves of that.

So I dedicate this post to every single woman who lives and loves courageously, and continues to sail through her own battles with a smile on her face. Keep shining beautiful.

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