Get uncomfortable once in a while. It will do wonders for your progression.

Real change requires effort and will almost certainly be faced with resistance – from others but more importantly from yourself. It's so easy for us to stay stuck, because that's what’s familiar and comfortable. But the minute we remove that familiarity and fight past the resistance, we grow.

For me that security was a 9-5 job. I knew that I didn't want to be there, that I wasn't growing as a person nor was I being challenged. I was frustrated at my lack of progression but yet I stayed, because it was 'familiar'. I became part of the “I hate my job” gang and most girly catch-ups were centred around resentful comments about the office.

The dangerous thing about not doing what you love is that it not only effects your working life (man did I waste a lot of time surfing the internet) but this state of stagnation seeps into other aspects of your life - I no longer had the enthusiasm to push myself in terms of my own personal growth. Why should I feel challenged in the gym? Why should I be subjected to new and unfamiliar cuisines? And the list goes on. That secure, familiar mindset became the foundation for my day-to-day life.

But, *cues motivational background music* as the saying goes, people change for two reasons: either they want to or they have to, and I HAD to. Although at the back of my mind I was frustrated with having a mediocre life, I knew that it would be difficult to suddenly wake up and pack it all in. The funny thing about the universe is that it creates opportunities for you to change, but as people we ignore these frequent invitations (a bit like dodging those random charity fundraisers in the streets - yes, my excuses are now on autopilot). And suddenly, those invitations are no longer friendly light-hearted conversations, but serious life-changing events that completely shake up your equilibrium. While adverse events can be traumatic and can take years to heal, they can equally be the birth of something truly beautiful – if you allow it to be. The days of mediocrity and routine no longer felt convenient but painful! I could no longer kid myself into thinking that the journey to my 9-5 job was stable, and the conversations about me handing in my notice were certainly faced with the usual “but what else will you do”. This feeling continued for a long time until I finally quit. I said goodbye to miss comfortable and hello to fear. This website is a statement of my attempt to break out and live an extraordinary life. It’s also a statement of my willingness to fail and be socially judged (yes I feel the judgment already).

So here I am on this journey of being uncomfortable, embracing the unknown and sailing towards greatness, wearing my favourite heels of course.

Keep living fearlessly,



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