If you’re interested in working with me in any capacity, below is a list of skills I can offer. I really do believe in creating a tailor-made service so if there are projects you would like me to be involved in outside of what I’ve listed, just drop me a line and we can discuss it. Of course, there are things that are outside of my realm, such as juggling on one foot whilst singing the anthem (don’t ask me how I know). 



I speak and specialise in a range of topics including: building psychological resilience, overcoming barriers and breaking the perceived ceiling, and the psychology of persuasion. There have also been occasions where I am invited as an inspirational speaker to speak about my journey. 



I work with corporate companies, charities, universities and schools to deliver training on:


  • Building Resilience 

  • Public Speaking Skills 

  • Building Confidence

  • The Psychology of Speaking – Getting over the Fear

  • Presentation Skills

  • The Art of Selling and Pitching 

  • Goal Setting 



As an experienced emcee and facilitator, my main aim is to ensure that the objectives of your event or conference are met whilst maintaining the energy and enthusiasm of the audience. With the right balance of wit, humour and the gravity to understand sensitive or controversial areas, I am able to deflect tension whilst keeping interaction and an open-channel of conversation flowing in a diplomatic manner. For any event or conference, I am happy to work closely with the event organiser to ensure a smooth running of the event from the initial stages to the end.