So, who am I...

I'm a psychologist from London and I thrive on living as fearlessly as possible, setting myself goals based on things I would never usually do and attacking them. But one thing I found that was holding me back for many years was the ability to speak confidently in public. Having finally conquered this fear, I found that the ability to speak amongst crowds has now become a metaphor for courage, and this is something that I have instilled into all areas of my life. The ability to speak with confidence is not just a skill needed for “inspirational speakers” -  it can really affect your ability to run a successful business, deliver that perfect pitch for funding, communicate presentation findings or even just give you the confidence to speak to that guy/girl you’ve been too scared to approach for years. As they say, you never know where a simple "hello" could lead!


Well, for me that “hello” led to me speaking at various platforms, charities, events and even gracing a TEDx stage. I speak, host and train people from a variety of age groups and backgrounds and on a variety of topic areas – from speaking with confidence, building resilience, and the psychology of persuasion. As a psychologist and PhD researcher, I have several years of experience in understanding what drives us and prevents us from reaching our full potential. It is truly wonderful to witness the transformation that attacking fears and breaking boundaries can have on people’s lives. If you’re interested in seeing how you could benefit from training and/or facilitation and want to up your game in all aspects of your life, I invite to join this journey. Simply drop me a hello and we’ll take it from there.


Keeping living fearlessly,